Solar Modules

PV modules represent the longest lasting and most basic component of a PV system.  Sundeavor chooses modules based on overall value; quality, warranty, consistent availability, and price.  In addition to quality modules for residential and commercial systems, we also provide small modules for stand-alone applications.  PV modules are available from 5 - 165 watts in 12 volt models, and 250 - 320 watts in 24 volt models typically used in grid-tied systems.

Sundeavor carries *Astronergy modules in stock at all times, as well as an assortment of smaller modules. However, we can offer virtually any brand and size module you need. Contact us for more information.

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Astronergy is a Tier 1 manufacturer with a bankable line of German-made polycrystalline modules. Their high quality components and consistent quality control ensure a robust, dependable building block for any PV design.

ASM6610P (BF)


Astronergy 24V polycrystalline modules are available in 60 or 72 cell count with sizes ranging from 260W - 315W. Frames are available in black and silver(mill).


ASM6610P Series Spec Sheet

CHSM6612P Series Spec Sheet